Sweat. Move. Laugh. Groove.

What is RockAsana? It's slumber party dancing. Pixie dust. Moonlight in a green bottle. Dance dance revolution. Blood pumping, endorphins singing, a twinge of strong and sexy in your hips. It's warm pumpkin bread on a cool day and an ice cold glass of limeade in the summer. RockAsana is the best you'll feel all day.

After getting my Zumba, Yoga Booty Ballet, and 200-hour YogaWorks certifications, I decided to create my own hybrid dance class. RockAsana is an hour-long celebration that combines cardio dance with elements of yoga. We warm up with some light breathwork, dance it up for half an hour, cool down with basic yoga poses, and end in a nice juicy savasana.

Oh, and we rock out, of course. A typical RockAsana soundtrack includes everything from classic 80s rock ballads to Meghan Trainor's bubblegum pop.

I love RockAsana because it's body positive. Anyone can do it—no formal training required. It's great for all ages: I have teen girls who come to my classes and women post menopause. We've carved out our own little community here in Pasadena, and it's kinda magical.

RockAsana. A little bit yoga, a little bit rock 'n' roll.